Artfest, Day 3-Flirting with Photoshop

Okay, when I said "tomorrow" in the last post I was thinking "Monday." Sorry about that.
In spite of staying up late the previous night, hanging with Nancy...
Tally, and Janine...
I got up AN HOUR EARLY to semi-finish my Strange Angels piece, and it put me into a great mood by the time everyone came downstairs for breakfast. Off to "Flirting with Photoshop" with Pamela Huntington.
I really need to know how to do more than crop photos (even though you've seen I'm the mayor of Croptown). Use this background here... add some bits from finished pieces there... you're 2/3rds done with a new piece, like one Pamela displayed at the Artfest gallery.
And Tally was signed up for the class too. Bonus!
But things are bound to slow down for everyone if your computer refuses to read the class CD, and the instructor has to figure out what the hell is wrong with your computer. Poor Dale.
Even after getting over that hump, she had trouble opening files, which kept her two or three steps behind. Tally, on the other hand, was bored out of her mind.
I fell behind too, scribbling notes. Took a break, but I just got more frustrated when I came back. Meh. (Pamela's now friends with me on Facebook; I'll deluge her with questions some other time.) Off to dinner downtown at the Fountain Cafe, where I entertained myself taking faux Polaroids after Tally's real Polaroid refused to take pictures in anything but direct sunlight.
Tonia promised this little hole-in-the-wall had seriously mouthwatering food. Half the instructors from Artfest must've agreed, because they took our seats after we licked our plates clean. We raced back up to Show & Tell with a half-hour to spare -- or so we thought.

Done! Empty except for a few stragglers! We'd tried to bring our pieces early, but we were too early... and then we were too late. So, off to Artisans on Taylor to see Professor Goofballigus deMenticus.
Several pieces from Michael's book "Dusty Diablos" were on display at the gallery reception. My camera battery died, but I breathed heavily over each and every one as I scrutinized them from every angle.
And guess who else was there? Pamela, with Andrea Matus (who also happens to be dating Michael).
I missed out on dancing at Sirens later on, but I'm sure it'll be there after next year's Artfest classes. And there's your full Artfest recap, boys and girls. Hey, if you haven't sent me a Facebook friend request or clicked on the Like button, now would be an excellent time to do so! I'd love to hear from you.