Fresh Paint!

That's Steve Nowicki of Shock-n-Awe, working hard (at sassing me) at Fresh Paint, the festival of artists at work.
This is the first year I've gone to Fresh Paint by myself. (Look, ma -- no little people dashing away into the crowd, on a mission to seek and destroy someone's art!)
But I did find an artist who brought one of her kids.
Melana Bontrager was kind enough to allow me these pictures of her son Culver (age 8) as they worked. Note to self: eight-year-old artists can keep themselves sufficiently occupied with their own art to hang with mom at an art show. I can see myself and The Boy perhaps doing something similar, but I don't think this would really work for TwoBoo. Fire is more his style.

I didn't stay long, but here are a few more booths I found interesting (thanks for the photos, Latitude Studios and Jennifer Lommers). Enjoy!