[using Jedi mind trick] This is the gallery which you seek. 
On Thursday night -- this Thursday! -- you'll see my artwork at the Fraker/Scott Gallery's ICON exhibit. It's my first show in a Seattle gallery!
I'm warning you, this kind of thing is bound to happen when you're only two degrees of separation away from a gallery owner.
Tracy Fraker (above, on the left) had a piece on display by Lisa JonesMoore...
and through a series of blog hops, I found out Tracy, Lisa and a few other artists I'm familiar with are all instructors at the Schack Art Center.
Lisa is also the center's art classes coordinator... where I just exhibited "The Plumber's Jealousy" in July and August.
Fraker/Scott also sells jewelry by Manya Vee -- the artist and gallery owner who runs the Edmonds Art Walk, which I participated in twice last year. And there you go.
I'm excited both to show my work here and to see more by like-minded artists who create our kind of mixed-media... you know, assemblage, dimensional canvas works... whimsy, weird and whoa-that's-awesome co-existing side by side. How thrilling is this?!

ICON opens September first, from 5pm to 9pm at 121 Prefontaine Pl. S., Seattle during the First Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square. The show runs through September. If you're within an hour's drive, please come see -- it's gonna be beyond brilliant!