Work of Art 2: The Players

At last month's gallery opening, gallery co-owner Tracy Fraker and I got to talking about Bravo's "Work of Art" (now back for a second season).
All stills courtesy Bravo
Tracy asked me if I'd want to be on that reality show, and I said Nooooo no no. (Reasonably) Sane people don't make good TV; crazy makes good TV. Speaking of... let's meet this season's contestants.
"The Sucklord" whose self-bestowed title cannot stand, and therefore we will call him by his real name, MORGAN...
Tortured (what you'd get if you crammed Tortured Miles and Body Issues Jaclyn from Season One into one person)... Le Hotness (he's French)...
and the girl who obsesses about her bowel issues, so we'll call her (and her art) Gutbucket. We'll give the others nicknames as they earn them. As in Season One, all the artists will be condescended to mentored by Inspector Clouseau and host/judge Switzerland (icy and allegedly neutral).
For their first challenge, the contestants had to make a decent piece of art out of kitsch.
A few obvious winners, and an obvious loser too.
If we hadn't seen Le Hotness painting his piece, I would've thought he'd snuck in a Keith Haring that he tried to pass off as his own. Au revoir, darling.

Are you watching "Work of Art"? Tell me what you think of the season so far, in the comments or on Facebook. If we can't laugh at the forced drama and the pretensions, it's just not the same...