"Work of Art": Cringeworthy

Playing catch-up here on Bravo's "Work of Art" as the contestants reveal more of themselves, and make you wish they hadn't. This week the artists are supposed to create works about movement, inspired by a group of Parkour performers.
All stills courtesy Bravo
The team art projects are always good for a Clash of the Titanic Egos, especially when the team is obviously flailing. Even Inspector Clouseau has to call BS on both teams' uninspired ideas.

So they all start over. And things do improve somewhat; one team decides to go conceptual with "let's each do something that has a circular aspect to it." The other goes for works that express the uninhibited motion of the playground. Guess who wins.
And Scary Radical, who almost got booted on the first episode for an incoherent piece about race relations, comes out on top this time.
He made a simple yet hypnotizing video of himself spinning around and around, like kids do on the playground just for the fun of getting dizzy. Diametric opposite of Gutbucket's piece, a video loop about... innards.
Which was bad enough, but then she bawled in front of the judges -- twice -- as if apologizing for committing a massacre. I can't even think about it without cringing in sympathy. Which ones made you cringe, or cheer? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.