"Work of Art": Meh.

The dreaded catchphrase:"Your work of art... didn't work for us." Well, tonight's episode of "Work of Art" didn't work for me. "Make your own Pop Art." [eyeroll] "And if you win you get a spread in Entertainment Weekly." Please. The sooner it's over, the better.

Hallelujah. Two people out of the way by the end of the hour. Oh, and Mr. Warhol called. He wants his cans back.
The artists whose pieces worked on any level were -- surprise -- the ones who are already immersed in pop culture. Like MORGAN (I am not gonna use that stupid title he gives himself), who referenced Charlie Sheen with "The Winning Collection." See, there's the tiger blood right there.
No, he did not win. The performance artist I'll refer to as Oh Honey (because he reminds me of a friend who likes to attempt a Southern accent) actually knows something about the history and characteristics of Pop Art. Oh Honey's piece was perfect for a magazine spread: bright colors and uncluttered graphics to reference California's Proposition 8.
And the two who went home? One was kind of a tough call, the guy I'll call Triple Threat: gay, foreign-born, and deaf. Usually that'd be three kinds of interesting to keep him on the show for a little longer.
But his piece was just a mishmash of logos on an American flag. And his previous work seemed a little too controlled. The other contestant, let's call her Hippie Chick because that's how she says she grew up, clearly had only a passing familiarity with pop culture.
Which would be fine if her work said it in an interesting way. But I mainly blame the producers: I almost miss the days of the artists getting undercut with a sudden change in plan, this episode was that boring. Next week: executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker hosts the game show "Is Your Art Better Than A Fifth-Grader's?" Tell me if you're sticking around or planning on dumping the show, in the comments or on my friends page.