Five reasons to be grateful

"Shame-free for ten days": I think it's some sort of inside joke a tech guy at work scrawled on his window, but I think it applies to me, too. I've been able to calm my demons more often, including forgiving myself for the work pace of my current project. So on my abbreviated list of things in random order that I'm grateful for, I'd include:
  1. Having some time to make art, even if I don't always use it efficiently
  2. Knowing that even though I miss them terribly, I'll always have my parents' love with me
  3. Having a full-time job with good benefits and decent people
  4. Having a family who supports my art
  5. Surviving the Great Recession with a husband who's found a great job (whoo-hoo!)

What makes you feel grateful today? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.