Three shows, two works, one book

I was reading art coach Alyson Stanfield's blog the other day. It said something to the effect of "look back at the previous year and you'll be amazed at what you accomplished." She was right. I'm blogging on the road, so I'm a little limited. But here are the biggies of 2011:
-- three shows, one of them in a Seattle gallery (ICON), another at a brand-new venue (the Schack Art Center), the first at our beloved Artfest
-- two new works inspired by stories about my mother's family ("Our Lady of Georgetown" and "Greener")
-- featured in Rice Freeman-Zachery's new book, "Destination: Creativity -- The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat"
Not to mention meeting so many new people through Twitter and my Facebook friends page... Take a stroll through le blog and read about the Year in Lisa. Happy New Year!