Artfest: gallery-ready

I'm sure you're that person who's so wonderfully organized, you were ready for Artfest back in February. My friends... I am not that person. 
But I'm entertaining nonetheless... which is why you're here. So here's your reward: a sneak peek at the mini-collages I'm going to sell in the Artfest gallery (plus three others!). Behold.
"Guide to Health"
"Sweet Tidbits"
"Queen Paris"
"Crumbling Sanctuaries"
"The Children of Israel Toiled at Making Bricks"
I haven't decided for certain which ones will be sold at Artfest, but all five are for sale. And no, you don't have to go to Artfest to buy it. So if you want one or more of these collages, speak up! Email me at yolisalisa at gmail dot com. I'll email a full photo of the piece you want and we'll go from there.
Each one is $50 and comes with an indentation on the back, ready for a nail on which to hang the collage.

Okay, I'm off to date night with The Husband. See you soon -- I'll be posting photos from Artfest on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me there for the day-to-day action!