You may already be a winner

Yes, kids, it's possible to use Pinterest to do more than decorate a house you can't afford or plan a wedding that'll never happen, as some have said. A great idea from  Mitsy at Artmind inspired me to give away a mini-collage at Artfest!
I made twenty scratch-off lottery tickets as part of my goodie-bag trades for Artfest, using the back of my business cards.
One lucky person will fish out a coin and scratch away to find the magic word: "WINNER!" As long as they find me again by Saturday night, that person will receive one of the collages shown in my last post! Yup. The collages in the gallery are going for $50, but this one's free.
Don't ask me which card is the lucky winner -- even I don't know at this point. All I know is that I likely wouldn't have found this gem of an idea if it weren't for Pinterest. If you liked this idea, follow my "Oh so clever" board over there.

Yes, Pinterest can be a time suck. But the ArtBiz blog has a thought-provoking post by guest blogger Beth J. Hayden about how artists can use Pinterest constructively. See, I've already saved you time you'd otherwise waste! 'Cause I'm a giver.

If you're going to Artfest, make sure you look for me -- trades go fast, especially on Wednesday night!