Artfest, day one: Steampunk'd

It's time to make some magic! Get your head together!
After the usual sleep deprivation from reconnecting with friends until the wee hours, I settled in to Clarissa Callesen's "Steampunk Sally" class. I transformed a porcelain doll from this:
To this:
We began by scalping our dolls...
and then we divided into work shifts. While one half added gesso and toasted it with butane torches...
the other half painted the cloth bodies.
Deborah Olsen's gear design
We sewed clothes for them too: corsets, wings...
Kimberly's doll corset
skirts and dresses...
Christine Benjamin's steampunk pirate
Not to mention hair -- gears and coils to suggest hair, and duded-up versions of the original wigs.
Sheri Debow's Marie Antoinette-style doll

Oh, but the best part by far was learning to paint the faces. (That, and the chance to use my new Golden paints. Mmmm.)
It was a complex series of steps, but surprisingly, not intimidating. I give you Miss Lucretia "Lucy" Pettigrew of Port Townsend: Professional Furniture-Climber...
Mud Puddle Stomper...
and Occasional Pyromaniac.
Besides the cyborg eye, she'll need more embellishments. I'll post photos when I can.
Posted on April 3, 2012 and filed under "Artfest".