Artfest, night two: work hard, play hard

A few more Artfest tidbits of after-school fun: Swag from the Aleene's glue people!
My housemate Jennifer Blevins (on the left) brought free art supplies from her employer. (And no, I wasn't asked to blog about it in exchange, but I did let Jennifer focus-group me a little.) Speaking of fun free stuff, I loved Michelle Allen's  trade -- a Dangling Doodling with moveable arms.
African-inspired hairstyles: braids on Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Michelle with her 'locks, and me with my twist-out.
Interesting observation from Michelle: It's the first time, as a white woman, that she's ever been the focus of such strong reactions to her hair. People either adore it or are completely repulsed.
During the journaling/kibbitzing/working on class projects, we had live music, with belly-dancing courtesy of Lana Guerra. That girl's moves oughta come with a tsunami warning. Lana also taught a wig-making class; Madeline Jolley wore hers pretty much every day.
And finally, Kecia Deveney, my first retreat roomie and the artist whose necklace I bought at last year's Artfest. Every. Single. Day I got compliments on it, so I asked Kecia for her business cards to hand out.
But she didn't have them on her! At Artfest, epicenter of her target audience! I plan on giving her a hard time about that until I get referral commissions.