Brothers in (artificial) arms

Steampunk is powered by reimagined nostalgia -- but also by extremes. People and things are either completely covered up, or completely exposed. (Sometimes both at the same time.)
I'm fascinated by the exposed 'works: brass fittings and gears on reimagined machines. But there are also the accessories: prosthetic limbs (or tools that might as well be).
Via Skinz-N-Hydez/deviantART
So as I conceptualized my piece for the upcoming steampunk festival in Port Townsend, I drew inspiration from an antique sketch of a prosthetic hand, a "main de fer" (iron hand).
Then I found an image of two little boys in uniforms. Together, the images got me thinking about helping hands... and how hard it is for many (boys and) men to ask for help. Because that would mean risking exposure.
And that's how I got started on the "Brothers of the Iron Hand," as I decided to call this piece.

You can see the complete artwork at The Brass Screw Confederacy's steampunk festival on June 9th. For more details, go to the Events section of my Facebook friends page.