Steampunks and garages

Have you ever decided to do two exciting events -- and then wondered if you'd over-reached just a bit? 
Art in the Mother 'Hood takes some time and planning, if you're going to get anything done. So in April, I signed up for the Artists' Garage Sale in June, at the Schack Art Center. (You might remember the Schack is also the place I had to pull TwoBoo out of, kicking and screaming, before he accidentally broke anything in their masks exhibit. Boy, that was fun.)
Then Anna Nasset of AOT Gallery in Port Townsend put out a call for art, for the steampunk festival in June hosted by the Brass Screw Confederacy. And my internal dialogue went like this:
Hey, maybe she'll be interested in offering Miss Lucy Pettigrew for sale!
Oh, she is -- and do I have a steampunk wall piece to sell? Um...
The festival's a week before the Artists' Garage Sale. OhGodohGodohGod.
But I got the wall piece done! So at the festival you'll see Miss Lucy...
... and "The Brothers of the Iron Hand." Here's a sneak peek:
Now I have to pull together the items I plan to sell at the Artists' Garage Sale. It's pretty much what it sounds like: garage-sale prices on artwork, art supplies, and other items from their stash that the artists can bear to part with. 
Sure, it might be just as sunny as it is in this photo. But I'm still going to have a foul-weather precaution plan. I'll have assemblage work to sell, art magazines (mostly Stampington publications like Somerset Studio), and prints of my camera-phone photography.

So remember:

  • Brass Confederacy Steampunk Festival, "Bazaar of the Bizarre": June 9th, 10am-5pm, at the American Legion Hall (209 Monroe St., Port Townsend, WA)
  • Artists' Garage Sale : June 16th, 9am-4pm, inside and outside the Schack Art Center (2921 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA)
Click on the Events section of my Facebook friends page so I'll know to look for you. I'll message you a full photo of the steampunk piece if you're going to the festival; if you're going to the Schack, I'll message you a photo of some items I'm selling there.