Coming to a storefront near you: art (and maybe wine)

I'm noticing a trend in right-brain-left-brain cooperation: art + nearby storefront = new creative enterprise that might drum up business in the surrounding area. Today on LivingSocial I noticed this:
Corks and Canvas Events offers a deal for a 3-course lunch and art lesson, usually $130 but only $65 with the deal. Alcohol not required for these events: you remember The Boy's seventh birthday party, right?
Notice the subtitle says "paint & sip studio." Besides kids' parties, Canvas in Kirkland, Washington also does grown-folks events.

If I remember correctly, the Canvas space used to be a pop-up art gallery to occupy a vacant storefront during the depths of the Great Recession. Business and city partnerships in Chicago and Seattle have also used this tool. And it's not just major cities: late last year Stephanie Lee coordinated a pop-up in southern Oregon.

Have you seen new art-related businesses in your area? Tell me in the comments.