Calendar girl on

Every day this week... I've got a calendar girl up at!
I'd been thinking of contributing to The Week As Art for a while; themed art is a great way to get the inspiration flowing. But my life has been, um, "eventful" for the last four months. Then I got the online equivalent of an engraved invitation to submit, so I had to get moving and look for inspiration in earnest. So first I took camera phone photos of address numbers in the oldest part of downtown Seattle.
Harder than I thought to find numbers 22 through 28 in a row, or even within walking distance. Then I looked down... and found the parking stall numbers you see painted on concrete.
But that didn't really go anywhere either. Finally, as I headed to TwoBoo's day care center one afternoon, I drove past a Washington state highway sign. The numbers are set within a silhouette of George Washington's head.
And then I realized, hey... I live within reach of all the signs I need for The Week As Art!
So I combined the George silhouettes with my most recently-painted over image.
My little Calendar Girl plays peekaboo for the whole week.
Each calendar "day" measures roughly 7" square, and is available for $40 each. Email me if you're interested in one of them, or in the original wall piece -- "Impenetrable" -- from which The Week as Art pieces are derived.

And enjoy yourself on the Create Mixed Media site -- it's bursting with mixed media resources, profiles and even a Craft Wars-style contest this week. I'd highly recommend sitting down with a cuppa and allowing yourself to explore!