Mocked Etsy members? Time to mock Pinterest

You've heard of Regretsy, right? It's the blog that mocks Etsy projects gone (horribly) awry.
Etsy's enough of a phenom for its vendors to have inspired ridicule from the internet satirists to mock it. Now there's a blog mocking the new cuteness -- Pinterest -- called Pinstrosity. First they show the original pin:
Then they show a photo from someone who tried the tutorial and didn't have quite so much luck.
Similar idea -- "send us your photos of 'ohmyGod what is that THING?!' " but Pinstrosity also tests out DIY pins themselves to offer suggestions of how to correct whatever went wrong. Also, the vibe of Pinstrosity, despite the name, is not as venomous as Regretsy. More of an "oh, dear" tone than a "what the hell is WRONG with you?!" Entertaining... check it out.