Artist Motherboard on Pinterest: where the artist moms hang out

I suppose I should get an easel at some point... and maybe a dedicated studio space. But for now, the kitchen table and a sturdy chair will do.
I know a few other women who work motherhood into their art schedule art into their parenting schedule. Perfect example: Aimee Dolich of Artsyville. (She'll try to say it's not true. Pretend you didn't hear it.) Together we invited a handful of other artists/mothers to launch the Artist Motherboard on Pinterest.
It's a shared board where we show each other our latest work... encourage each other to finish works-in-progress...
... and generally revel in being with people who get that we need the art as much as we need the kid(s). Sometimes more. Aimee and I started out with five more contributors:

And it's growing!

Liv Lane, Allison Strine, and 24 other artists who happen to be mothers now contribute to the Motherboard, and we're just two followers shy of 200! Come join us -- leave a comment on a Motherboard pin, or follow the Artist Motherboard. Love to see you there!