Thursday with LHPAC: Self-"Expresso"

Ever been to an open mic night... that wasn't in a bar... and didn't have a cover charge?

During "Expresso Open Mic" people of all ages take the stage at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in Seattle.
All photos courtesy LHPAC & Freshest Roots
On the first Friday evening of every month, Freshest Roots hosts the free, family-friendly event at the LHPAC. After a little warm-up by the emcees...
... adults as well as kids can perform whatever they want, as long as they keep it clean. Teens and twenty-somethings mostly take the mic.
But so do kids closer to The Boy's age of (nearly) eight -- I'm told a little girl once got up and sang opera, and another kid played a tuba. Not strictly hip-hop or R&B singers at Expresso, although the older kids do lean that way.
Expresso Open Mic is fairly popular; usually between 75 and 100 people show up, in a room that can hold 150.  So if you're looking for some Friday night fun, here are the details:

WHEN: Tomorrow, December 7, and every first Friday
WHERE: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, 104 17th Ave. S., Seattle
PARKING: Yes -- and it's free!
MORE INFO: LHPAC event calendar and

After tonight, you have four weeks to get a babysitter. Or not -- let the kids take the mic.

FTC disclosure: I'm partnering with the LHPAC on a series I call "Thursdays with LHPAC," generally published on Thursdays. I am being paid an honorarium for my work. However, all opinions and views expressed in this series are my own.