Art fair prep: Three things to remember

This time of year, many of the artists I know -- hi Clarissa Callesen! -- are knee-deep in art and craft fairs: buying as well as selling.
Clarissa Callesen's booth, PNA Winter Festival & Craft Fair
For those about to buy, I salute you. And I thank both artists and collectors for teaching me a few things when I visited the PNA Winter Festival and Craft Fair, a yearly Seattle show featuring more than a hundred vendors.
First: Make something.
You'll be there a while, so you might as well follow Gina McCauley's example and get some work done. Plus it's a conversation starter, if you're not the type to bite someone's head off if they ask a question.
Gina McCauley, aka Mama Snooter
Everyone's curious to know what artists do all day. You know, besides the whole bonbon-eating thing. Show them.

Second: Light 'em up.
Yeah, even if you're indoors, even if you're not selling jewelry that needs to sparkle a bit more. I know some exhibition places charge extra for electricity, but if not... hey, it's not just moths who can't resist bright lights.

Third: Deep, cleansing breaths.
If you can, claim the booth nearest to a source of fresh air. When the room gets stuffy, I bet you become the most popular artist around.
Best of luck to all my favorite art entrepreneurs! Where are you selling your wares this season? Let everyone know in the comments and on Facebook.
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