Follow-up: "Middle of Nowhere" is going places in the film world

I don't usually check movie box office statistics, but I got some cool news about "Middle of Nowhere" this morning.
Turns out "Middle of Nowhere" earned more than $50,000 in its opening weekend -- while showing in limited release! For an indie film that cost about $200,000 to make, that's like ten kinds of awesome.
You might remember the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center brought the film here for its Seattle premiere in late October. 
Lots of love from Seattle residents, who said:
Excellent film! A small gem!
I thought this was a brilliant film. The dynamics were superb and the dialogue [about the burden prison time places on a prisoner's family members] much-needed. Thanks for bringing it to Seattle!
Here's hoping Middle of Nowhere gets a wider release soon! Since it was held over for a second week in Seattle, I wonder if the filmmakers would bring it back for another round... oh, I like that idea.