BAMignite photo contest: And the winner is...

... A lovely person named Sonya Stockton!
From the Bellevue Arts Museum Facebook page
No, I'm not sad I didn't win the BAMignite Photo Contest -- really! I'm happy my entry was along similar lines.
Know why I don't mind? The whole point of the paper cuts theme is here: the Nikki McClure exhibit opens today at the Bellevue Arts Museum!
"Ditch the Car", Nikki McClure. Photo by Dan Kvitka.
Used with permission from Bellevue Arts Museum.
I can see that exhibit today or tomorrow, and on Friday people at BAMignite will see my photo projected during the party. And when BAM posts the party pics, I'll see them on FB.

Are you going to BAMignite? The museum is really easy to find (yes, even if you're coming from Seattle), and parking is free (yes, I said that right, you in Seattle -- free parking). Tell me in the comments or on Facebook!