My first solo show!

BIG news, everyone: I'm going to have a SOLO SHOW of my art work!
Arts of the Terrace 2012
You remember the Arts of the Terrace group show from September? I had a great time at the reception, and giving away a print of "We See" to one of my fans. The merit prize I won was icing on the cake.
I also got a chance to talk to one of the arts commissioners, Judy Ryan, who's also a mixed media artist. (I love how the racehorse almost leaps off the canvas in her piece below.)
Judy was very encouraging -- she offered me the opportunity to show my work for a month in the Mountlake Terrace library! So look at the wall below:
Now replace those pieces with my art work. squeals with delight and a wee bit of terror

My exhibit will be during the month of May 2013. If you've recently had a solo show -- or even if solo shows are old hat to you -- I'd love to hear about your experiences on my Facebook page. Let's talk!
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