Thursday with LHPAC: Within "Earshot"

Usually I give you more visuals than audio here, but I think you'll like this detour into the world of Evan Flory-Barnes.

The Earshot Jazz Festival's featured Seattle artist performed just a couple of days ago at the Royal Room. This evening, he'll appear at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center (LHPAC).
Photo credit: Daniel Sheehan
The bassist teaches a free jazz education workshop to teens in the early evening. Right afterwards, Flory-Barnes and his festival band Folks perform for the paying crowd (that's you, Mom and Dad). Details:

WHEN: November 1st, 2012; 5pm (workshop) and 8pm (concert)
WHERE: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, 104 17th Ave. S., Seattle
TICKETS: workshop is free; buy concert tickets here
MORE INFO: "Evan Flory-Barnes: Folks"

If your teen was a workshop student earlier in the evening, he or she gets into the concert for free. With a bonus like that, the music sounds even sweeter.

FTC disclosure: I'm partnering with the LHPAC on a series I call "Thursday with LHPAC", generally published on Thursdays. I am being paid an honorarium for my work. However, all opinions and views expressed in this series are my own.