Artist Motherboard on Pinterest: 212 in 2012

How about that: at the end of 2012... 212 people are following the Artist Motherboard!
You remember the Artist Motherboard: a spot on Pinterest specifically for artists who are also mothers, to encourage each other by sharing their inspirations and creations.
In November 2012 it was just a wee thing known to only six people besides me: Aimee Dolich, Nancy O, Emily Cline, Catherine Witherell and Jill K. Berry. Now 26 artists contribute art, ideas and encouragement!
Here's what some of the contributors are up to:

And I'm planning my first solo art exhibit for May 2013! Next week, I'll give you a peek at a new artwork that will be in my show. Hint hint: it's one that was a work-in-progress pin on the Motherboard.

If you're an artist and a mother, join us -- leave a comment on one of the Artist Motherboard pins so we know how to find you!