Introducing... the new Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

This is not the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. Not anymore.
It's the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute!
Building photo credits: Joe Mabel
The new Institute -- LHPAI for short -- is now part of Seattle's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and closely aligned to the office's mission "to keep artists living, working and growing in Seattle."
Credit: Andrew Ness Photography
I think the Institute is a lot like other major attractions: the locals know it's there, but until someone from outside the neighborhood looks at it with new eyes, the attraction is sometimes overlooked.
And for a while it may have been easy to overlook -- a two-year seismic and electrical renovation closed its landmark building to the public completely.
Performances and programs continued at other locations, but it's always more fun to see a performance inside the institute that created it.

Now the institute houses a contemporary ballet company-in-residence -- Inception Dance...
Credit: Andrew Ness Photography
... it hosts inclusive programs like the Out There Poetry Camp for gay teens...
... and most of all, African and diaspora-related performances year-round. Guess what you can sign up for this winter:
And that's not even including what's on tap for Black History Month. Go to the calendar and sign up -- classes start next week on January 11th!

FTC disclosure: I'm partnering with the LHPAI on a series I call "Thursdays with LHPAI," generally published on Thursdays. I am being paid an honorarium for my work. However, all opinions and views expressed in this series are my own.