Product photography help from the "Four Corners"

You know what I love most about talking art and business with Amy Duncan of Four Corners Design? Not only is she willing to let me pester her with endless questions, she's happy to offer practical help.
Amy has a great design sense -- just ask Better Homes & Gardens. This week, she took product photos for me because I'm reviving my Etsy shop soon... and I hear pictures are kinda totally unbelievably important to online buyers.
Two suggestions right off the bat: Presentation boards or foam core boards to bounce light onto the item. Too easy, right?
I knew about this, but somehow never implemented it. Another idea to use in the half-hour per month of dry, sunny winter weather in the Pacific Northwest:
Do a photo shoot of your art on your driveway. Everything looks better in natural light, and the concrete adds a textured but non-distracting background. Can't shoot your art during the day? Ask Pinterest.
I'm going to revisit my own art marketing & display board, which has several low-tech photography-tip pins. Between Amy and Pinterest, I'm sure my own skills will improve. What -- or who -- are your photo resources? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.