Thursday with LHPAI: Winter classes are a win-win

I have to confess, I've been waiting for winter classes for a while: options for both of my kids at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute!
See the class in the upper left corner, My Music, My Story & My Dance? It's a movement/story time/song class for three to five-year-olds like TwoBoo. (Hopefully they'd be able to keep up with him. You know he's, um, "high-energy.") Most classes like this I see elsewhere are for older kids. Very cool.
For The Boy, I have several options: single-subject classes (like breakdancing on Thursdays) or the Winter Youth Performing Arts Academy. It's a Saturday class series of movement, dance, vocals, acting and dance, starting January 26.
The Boy would be most interested in the vocals, especially the part where kids learn how to do character voices. But wait, there's more -- for teens...
...and for grown-ups!
Classes include an open-studio string instrument class, writing, African dance and drumming, theater/voice, knitting and popping & locking (dance). I should sign up The Husband for that last one, just to hear his reaction. "Oh sure -- you can watch my joints start popping out of their sockets and my muscles start locking up."

You can register for classes in either of two ways:

  • Visit the SPARC class registration page OR
  • Sign up in person at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

If I sign up for any of the dance classes, you'll know -- by the sound of my own joints popping. Seriously, you can hear them like a mile away.

FTC disclosure: I'm partnering with the LHPAI on a series I call "Thursdays with LHPAI," generally published on Thursdays. I am being paid an honorarium for my work. However, all opinions and views expressed in this series are my own.