Hello, art collectors!

This is not a story about me: it's a story about my collectors.
Look at the intentness on Susan's face: you can almost see the place in her house where she's imagining she'll display the artist trading card she's holding.
And then Susan and Dick proceeded to browse -- no, collect -- multiple pieces as they worked their way through the pieces I showed at the Mill Creek Art Walk yesterday. Have you ever watched someone fall in love, with a piece of art or with another person?
It's like seeing a whole world of new possibilities dawning in their eyes: unexpectedly intimate and exciting at the same time.
And in my own living room -- oops, I mean the Windermere Living Room. Darren and Gwen Munson truly made me feel at home, and I tried to pass that vibe along to the people who visited.
I think another friend, Marianne Morris, perfectly captured the feeling I'm trying to describe:
There's something about someone loving that thing that you poured your heart into. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It can turn a complete stranger into a friend in seconds.