On with the show! Onyx 9th Annual Fall Show

Fall at my castle means openings: school for The Boy, and a group art show for me!
I'm one of the featured artists in the ninth annual Onyx Fine Arts Collective show! You might remember I exhibited with Onyx at Seattle City Hall in April and May. This show will also be downtown, at the A/NT Gallery (formerly known as the Art/ Not Terminal gallery).
Photos from A/NT Gallery website
The artist reception will be held in the Sub-Terranean ("Sub-T") Room, this wide-open space with an industrial feel, below the entry-level floor.
And best of all, the artists' reception is scheduled for the weekend AFTER the first day of school. So the back-to-school madness will be over, and I'll have had a few hours of rest before the reception. Details:

WHEN: Sunday, September 8th, 2pm-5pm
WHERE: Sub-T Room of the A/NT Gallery, 2045 Westlake Avenue, Seattle
RSVP: Give me something extra to look forward to -- your smiling face! RSVP on my Facebook Page.

The exhibit will be open until September 28th, so if you're downtown, please stop by -- and tag me if you post pictures!