First day of school, latest day of letting go

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. 
-- "Closing Time," Semisonic

And so ends The Boy's first (half-) week of fourth grade.
He rolled his eyes, but humored me when I demanded asked begged for a first-day photo. This year, The Boy is going to a new elementary school, the one that offers accelerated-learning classes. Fourth grade was the year I made the same transition, so yeah... having a bit of a hard time letting go. Fortunately, I do have something to look forward to: this weekend's artist reception for the Onyx Fine Arts Collective fall show.
(Are you going to meet me there? RSVP on my Facebook page, if you would.)
I'm also working on a couple of other shows, one which might happen in December and one sometime next year. And of course, new listings and Treasuries in the Etsy shop. But even so... le sigh.
Do you ever get used to your kids walking away from you into the first day of school, without feeling wistful?