Rough fall: making art in spite of it all

I've spent way too much time being all adult-like, picking myself up after several disappointments. (It helps to spend quality time with one's art journal.)

I made decent sales during the first day of Best of the Northwest. Even had a few visitors to the art festival calling over their friends to check out my work.

But my roll came to a stop on Saturday and Sunday. So I packed my stuff (with help from my loyal friend Claire) and headed home. Then I got news about whether my work was selected to join one of the city of Seattle's art collections.

It wasn't.

And due to an unfortunate injury (not mine), my solo show  at Hanson Scott Gallery is being moved from November to December.

  Adjusting lighting for my 2014 solo show. @Lisa Myers Bulmash

Adjusting lighting for my 2014 solo show. @Lisa Myers Bulmash

Sigh... Fall down seven times, get up eight. There are a few bright sides, first and foremost that I'm still going to have a solo show even though it's delayed.

And my work at the Gary Henderson Gallery is up until mid-December as well. We're going to have a holiday party there too.

I now have some STUDIO TIME. Best of times, worst of times.

And last night someone RSVP'd for two more seats at my next Artist Trust at Large presentation! By the way, the talk includes an example of an artist who was rejected several times before winning a grant. With that in mind, how can I give up now?