Spreading the good art word: Artist Trust at Large

Every once in a while, it's NOT who you know: it's WHAT you know. How can you find free money -- yes, FREE MONEY -- if you don't know it exists? And if you're friends with someone who needs money, how else are you going to keep us from mooching off you? (Kidding. Sort of.)

I can help with that! Starting in September, I'll be giving talks on artist resources and funding as an Artist Trust At Large speaker. We'll talk about:

  • grants, fellowships and other awards -- basically, money that doesn't need to be repaid
  • workshops on art business-related topics
  • where to go for information like legal issues, emergency help and more

The Artist Trust At Large presentations will be in Seattle, Snohomish, Redmond, Bremerton, Tacoma and in two webinars. And these resources are for artists of all disciplines: visual artists, writers and other literary artists, film/media artists and performers of all kinds. More details as they develop!