Work-in-progress: diving in

It's been a bit of a shock here to feel heat (that is, "summer") every day. What does one do when it's hot outside?

Semiahmoo Bay. Photo: Lisa Myers Bulmash

Semiahmoo Bay. Photo: Lisa Myers Bulmash

Ah yes, large bodies of water. I understand one sometimes dives into them.

The original vintage image of the diver was part of a stereoscopic pair. I set her, and part of the background, against waves on a Japanese art paper. Then I added a handmade paper sky, at the back of an altered book niche.

You might remember back in the day -- like, waaaay back in the day -- this kind of swimsuit was considered scandalous. 

More power to you, for doing what makes you happy. I think Calamity Jane said it best:

I'm leaning toward the title "Legendary." Still need to mount the book and do a couple of other tweaks, but it's getting there. Next week, I'll be showing her to an interested collector who's been following this work-in-progress on Facebook.