Book of Bulmash, chapter 95

Chapter 95

Photo credit: Library of Congress

Photo credit: Library of Congress

  1. "O Mother!" cried the nine-year-old child. "I have great need of apparel which beareth the image of my school mascot!"
  2. "Therefore must thou complete the order form so I may bring it to school on this, the day of deadline."
  3. The mother half-pretended not to hear the boy's plea,
  4. For her ears were still ringing with his most recent morning tantrum.
  5. Then the mother replied to her son, "Thou seemest not to understand a fundamental principle of obtaining thy heart's desire;
  6. "Namely, that one must not enrage the person whom you beseech for a favor."
  7. And thus the mother closed her ears to the child's renewed howling.
  8. She delivered him unto the place of learning, as was her duty.
  9. But as she returned to their home to perform her ablutions before journeying to her place of employ, the mother reconsidered.
  10. For was this day not the eve of giving thanks?
  11. Should she not be grateful that her child had not enraged his teacher as well, and set the teacher's heart against him in the classroom?
  12. Indeed, should the mother not give praise to The One for the continued good health of her children and her husband?
  13. "I shall not acknowledge to my son that I have ordered his apparel," she grumbled to herself. "For that would send The Wrong Message regarding his behavior."
  14. Nevertheless the mother did swallow her pride, and wrote out the necessary cheque of payment to the school's PTA

Art & motherhood: things to be thankful for

In spite of this crap-heaped-on-top-of-crap year, I still have a few precious things that fill my heart with gratitude. 

The Boy folded up a little origami cornucopia and gave it to me as a Thanksgiving gift. He wrote the things he's thankful for on paper vegetables, like "toys" and "electronics" and other fun stuff. But he wrote the most important things in his life on the big pumpkin.

My favorites: "putting up with me" & "giving us stuff with sentimental value."  © Lisa Myers Bulmash

My favorites: "putting up with me" & "giving us stuff with sentimental value." ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

For the last two weeks, TwoBoo kept reminding me to come see him speak during his class Thanksgiving Day presentation. Which must be some sort of miracle in itself: anything else he would've forgotten in seconds.

TwoBoo also helped his classmates sound out the big words.  © Lisa Myers Bulmash

TwoBoo also helped his classmates sound out the big words. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

They're not angels: The Boy threw plenty of shade at me later today when he had to help put away clean pots and pans. And TwoBoo has yet to get through a whole day without contradicting me, or trying to correct my answers after he asks me a question. (I can't even tell you how hard it is let those ones slide.)

Marshmallow and chocolate chip eyeballs for Thanksgiving.  © Lisa Myers Bulmash

Marshmallow and chocolate chip eyeballs for Thanksgiving. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

Still, I am amazed that I have a son who forgets everything but an opportunity to shine for me. I am awed that I have a son who expresses emotion in an artistic way... and trusts me enough to share these thoughts and emotions with me. 

So on this day that also symbolizes a lot of brutal history (you know, genocide, broken treaties...) I wish you the deepest love possible, and comfort in the art you love.