Available art: sometimes you *can* take it with you

Usually when you visit a museum, you have to leave the art on the walls. Not this time. 


When You're Not From Around Here, Are You? closes in April, I expect most of these pieces to go home with someone else. Like you... yes, you, the art lover.

St. Felicia, Defender of Personal Space_website.jpg

"St. Felicia, Patron Saint of Farewells (Defender of Personal Space)" is already spoken for: she'll be shipped to a collector in Atlanta. Two other collectors are interested in the St. Felicia devotional candles as well. (One or two candles are still available.)

St. Felicia devotional candles.jpg

And in case you were wondering, these art patrons asked to buy the pieces on an installment payment plan. I'm also able to take payment for some items through my online shop. If you're interested in these artworks, please contact me here. You really can take it with you! And if you can't, you can always support me as an artist by sharing this post with another art collector.